iFlowBPM – Mediterranean Consulting Partnership

logo_blau2lineasInfosistema and Mediterranean Consulting are now partners. This partnership provides a wide range of highly competitive products and services.

Infosistema signs this partnership with his product iFlowBPM, a Business Process Management platform that enables companies to automate and optimize their processes. This product provides to its users a graphic process modeler, an Execution Engine and a forms designer tool. Also allows monitoring the levels of service.

Mediterranean Consulting is a consulting firm founded by consultants specialized in strategy, technology and quality. They help the companies in their organization processes, management and guidance for their business transformation. The key values of the Mediterranean Consulting are based on professional ethics (integrity), customer orientation, interest in people (empathy), flexibility, sustainability, innovation, trust, credibility and commitment to the results.

The Mediterranean Consulting started its activity in 2003 after extensive experience in advising leading companies in both the private and public sectors. Count as clients companies such as Lacoste, Intermon, LIDL, Progress, Armand Basi, Aviotel, among others.

According to Francesc Xavier Berjano, director and founder of Mediterranean Consulting: “This strategic alliance will enable our customers to benefit from a range of consulting services and open source technology, aimed at improvement business that meets the different needs of customers in the internal process reorganization, the redesign of processes and implementation of new services”

Gonçalo Caeiro, partner and founder of Infosistema says: “This partnership demonstrates the added value of a fully open-source platform where clients can direct their investment to implement processes getting the return on investment in record time”.

+ information:
About iFlowBPM – www.iflowbpm.com
About Infosistema – www.infosistema.com
About Mediterranean Consulting – www.mediterranean-consulting.com

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iFlowBPM New Partner

ibermatica fondo azul webiFlowBPM solution has been increasing the number of partnerships around the world. From now on iFlowBPM can count with one more partner, at this time in Spain – Ibermática.

Ibermática is one of the main IT companies operating in  the Spanish market and now is gathering efforts with iFlowBPM team in the promotion of this BPM platform on the Spanish market.

Know more about this company: http://www.ibermatica.com/