2 Key Benefits of BPM…

Scott Cleveland

Author: Scott Cleveland2 Key Benefits of BPM…


BPM Software provides 2 key benefits – Control and Visibility.

Control prevents people from taking short cuts.  Let’s use onboarding for an example.
I am sure hiring processes vary, but you may want certain people to interview the candidate.  You will need to schedule the interviews to fit everyone’s schedule.  You may want to set up a second view with another person.  Next items may be a background check, a reference checked and an offer letter prepared.  Assuming they accept the offer, you now have to set up their phone, Email, computer, office or cubical.  You may want to provide some initial training or other training.

BPM software can make sure that all of these steps take place.  It can make sure that they happen in the right order.  It can make sure people are notified of the schedule.

Control is what you need to prove in an audit.

Visibility allows people with the right access to see the progress of any process.  Instead of hiring a program manager to keep track of what is going on, BPM software can provide that information in the form of a report.  These reports can be ad-hoc or generated each morning and sent to you via Email.  You can make it work for you.

Control provides you with efficiencies that will save you time [money].  Visibility provides you with real-time information as to what is going on in your company.  You will not have to pay someone to gather and update the status of a process.

Companies that have successfully implemented a BPM solution will generally go on to manage more and more processes to gain control and visibility.