Public Administration ensures the satisfaction of the population. We know that people welfare must be safeguarded, thus there shouldn’t be loss of information, long time responses and excessive bureaucracy in this sector daily processes.


With iFlowBPM, the processes will be simpler and more organized. iFlowBPM helps reducing costs, preventing information loss, reducing bureaucracy and structuring their workflows by reducing response times all according to their needs.


Our solutions will help in:

  • Processes automation
  • Process structured distribution for each employee
  • Documents scan and store to data base
  • Integration with internal company systems
  • Tasks systematization
  • Processes state information
  • Processes precise localization

If you want to see an iFlowBPM success case in the public administration sector click here: Case Study – CMA


If you need a package of processes for fast implementation request here:

Ready-to-Run Solutions

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