iFlow Drive is an iFlowBPM partner system designed to dramatically increase the productivity of handling documents.

One of the strong obstacles of using templates and BPM, in the organizations, is the execution time of certain tasks.

Did you ever experience any of these situations?

  • Did you open an old proposal and changed some lines and saved with another name? Because it’s quicker to do “save as” instead of going to corporative portal and doing the download of the last proposal version.
  • Did you send the document by e-mail but you didn’t save it in the Content Managers? Because the intranet is slow and it takes about one minute in the whole process, from sending the document until its categorization.

These are just examples which can have serious impacts in your business, in terms of quality, productivity and risk.

The iFlow Drive allows you to reduce the overhead and the time costs for the user change the documents, as they must be changed.

Our team identified the velocity of task execution when changing the documents as the major problem of adopting BPM processes and contents managers. This happens because the users don’t perceive any value by linger 60 seconds to load a document in the Intranet, when the sending of the same document by e-mail can take less than 15 seconds to be executed.

iFlow Drive enables to resolve these questions by providing mechanisms and interfaces, through the e-mail and the Windows Explorer, which allow not having to change the way the users actually interact with the documents and, simultaneously, use the iFlowBPM and the iFlow Virtual FS.

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