iFlowBPM has been developing a cooperation program with Universities the objectives are:



  • Introduce the BPM concept as a tool for process management. Actually, BPM and CMS are essential concepts in well managed companies, but most of the times new graduates don’t have any knowledge about these platforms. This unknowing can be an obstacle to introducing these kind of tools in companies. In a European universe, 98% of the companies are SME’s. The unknowing of BPM/CMS tools becomes a competitive disadvantage to the European market compared to more developed areas as North of Europe or part of Asia.
  • Provide real interaction opportunity with BPM/ CMS tools. BPM is a tool as Word or Excel, is not a solution itself but a powerful tool to implement solutions. Through demonstration and practical use in university projects, students can understand the BPM added valued and best fit it on management processes. Then, when new graduates enter in the job market, they will have one more tool in their portfolio.
  • Providing real experiences of real projects. For students in software and computing sciences courses, iFlow BPM offers an opportunity of effectively cooperation in developing an open source product. By the fact that iFlowBPM is a modulate BPM tool, can be easy implemented in universities.

This experience of working in collaborative projects with several programmers of several teams, geographically dispersed, is an asset in the current Globalization, Cloud, Crowdsourcing, Offshoring and Nearshoring context.


Investigation Projects

There are a wide range of areas where you can innovate in iFlowBPM. iFlowBPM team currently has active projects in the areas of: conceptual models in BPM relationship and definition with CMS, ergonomics and interfaces, BPM in Cloud, and standards like BPEL/BPMN/MHP Xpel.



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