iFlowBPM is a powerful BPM platform (Business Process Modeling) to define, implement and automize processes.

iFlowBPM differentiates itself through its fast implementation, usability and low cost, providing a quick ROI (Return on Investment).

Design to minimize infrastructure costs, iFlow Platform can run in a totally open source stack, that allows to overcome license costs of operating systems, data bases and portals.

iFlow Ecosystem covers a set of designed products to work together in a coordinated way:

iFlow Editor is a flow’s editor responsible for processes design.
iFlow Engine execution engine of iFlowBPM processes.
iFlow Virtual FS  the virtual file system engine that expands the functionality of your document manager.
iFlow Drive the platform that speeds up the way that users interact with documents.

Additionally, iFlowBPM can be expanded by partnership modules or by modules developed by customers themselves. With the experience acquired, iFlowBPM has evolved in order to provide specific solutions.

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