A lot of BPM projects fail. The same happens with CRM projects.

There are a high number of reasons to this situation and iFlowBPM team has some white papers about that. In fact we dedicated 2012 to understanding why, in average, just half of the BPM processes are good. From that investigation appeared new products:


The question is every time that a BPM project fails, organizations become afraid to do a new attempt. That reaction is just natural and it means that the next time their attention will be redoubled in BPM implementation.

One of the important issues is that BPM commercial platforms have really high licensing costs, so failures can be really expensive for companies.

On the other side, even other BPM open source platforms, iFlowBPM competitors, require very specialized technical resources.

iFlowBPM was designed to be easy to implement, not requiring server requirements to be implemented. It can be implemented in a regular PC not impacting its performance. This fact allows organizations to test in a departmental level, some simple workflows, destroying the myth of BPM implementation failure.


Ready-to-Run iFlowBPM processes

We gave another step forward and we draw iFlowBPM Ready-to-Run Processes.

iFlowBPM Ready-to-Run processes are a typical set of processes that can be immediately placed in production in a department or small businesses.

These processes allow companies to have their workflows really working in production in less than 60 minutes.

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