The iFlow Virtual FS (iFlow Virtual File System) is an automatic platform and an iFlowBPM’s partner.

The iFlow Virtual FS solves specific problems, regarding the access, navigation and documental management, which aren’t well solved by the native files system: NFS, NTFS; or by managers of contents and portals: Microsoft SharePoint, Alfresco, LifeRay, etc.

As the name suggests, the iFlow Virtual FS is a virtual filesystem. This means that is a framework that lives above the documental managers, without replacement, but extending their capacities.


Example of a problem to solve

In a contents manager we can have a clients directory, with sub directories divided by years, containing proposals. If we want to know all the proposals, in 2010, we must search client by client and select the year 2010.

The iFlow Virtual File System allows you to create many virtual navigation structures in the documents: Clients -> Year; or, Year -> Clients.

Thereby you may navigate in your documents, depending on the process needs and specific context.


Security and Stability

The iFlow Virtual FS was designed to be scalable and to provide good performance, in order to meet the clients needs, from some thousand files to billions of documents.

With advanced capacities of Control of Authorizations which allows, in a completely transparent manner, turn on the Authorizations System to its own Authorizations System of native filesystem (NTFS, NFS, ShaPoint, Alfresco) or Systems of Owners of AIM (Aplication Identity Management).

The iFlow Virtual FS is a disruptive approximation in the way documents are seen inside the organization. The conjugation of iFlow Virtual FS with the iFlowBPM and the iFlow Drive allows speeding the adoption of BPM in your organization, by increasing the benefits, the decrease in the resistance of using the system and increase shared information.

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