BPM – Why Not??

BPM is a management approach that is available for anyone in the business market:  any company, institution or enterprise. However, for some reason, there are companies that did not implement this management strategy yet. Sometimes the reasons for not adopting a BPM approach are related to economic issues of BPM platforms, but the real problem should be: how good are the BPM tools that you are adopting?

So, if BPM is available for everyone, it would be interesting to discuss why companies don´t adopt this management strategy. Maybe it has to do with the developers and sellers of BPM tools. Maybe they don’t explain very well the benefits of these strategy and their investment return, they don’t demonstrate the usability of BPM tools and how it really changes the company processes and therefore the client’s satisfaction.

When the client takes the initiative to try one of the BPM tools available on the market the seller should adapt his strategy in order to persuade the customer and allow him to try the product. It is at this point that the client has the first experience with the product and it should be satisfactory! The consumer will try to analyze it properly and assimilate all the advantages of this new business tool.

As expected, the reaction is not the same for all customers. There are some people that enjoy the platform and intend to immediately implement it but others can’t easily see the benefits and the return of the invested amount. This is the normal operation of the market and it is at this stage that the art of selling is put to test.

Companies need to think more about the BPM approach and how they can implement it on their processes. There should be a market research about the best BPM tools available, their pros and cons and its value for money.