João Pinote – Cofaco IT Director

“Infosistema supported Cofaco on the implementation of our first process using iFlowBPM, demonstrating to be a reliable partner is this technological area. We confirmed the flexibility and completeness of iFlowBPM as a workflow platform.  We are confident in achieving the objectives to improve the internal organization.”

João Costa – iFlowBPM Developer

“With iFlowBPM Platform I can quickly respond to all my clients’ process requirement. iFlowBPM has a solid base to construct on top of, and when I have increasead complexity it is very easy to quickly adapt. It’s easy, simple and intuitive. It makes sense!”

Miguel Cabral – Obrecol IT Director

“With iFlowBPM we can streamline all our internal processes, achieving significant gains through process control and compliance assurance implementation. Obrecol has geographically dispersed teams and offices, the simplicity and flexibility of using iFlowBPM is certainly an asset.”

If you want to know more about Obrecol success case, download here: Obrecol